Interested in swords? With this book you will...

Understand the fundamentals of the longsword and become a competent fencer

...Even if you have never picked up a sword before in your life

In this book Guy covers everything you need to get started, including principles of swordsmanship, training mindset, and choosing equipment; as well as a complete system of physical practice, from basic footwork all the way up through sword handling and pair drills to free fencing.


I’m Guy Windsor and I love swords. I have been actively training for 30+ years and I have been teaching for over 20 of them. 

Swords have literally been my life’s work and I have spent years digging through old books learning the skills and techniques to become a master of the arts.

When I started out there were no new books or online courses on the topic, I had to decode text written in Italian that is over half a century old.

It was difficult to say the least. This is why I have made it my goal to distil this information and my expertise down into easy-to-access formats such as books and online courses.

That’s why I have put together this special offer for my bestselling book “The Medieval Longsword”, so you don’t have to go through the struggles that I did when I first got started. 

Within this book I have laid everything out for you, step-by-step to take you from complete novice to competent fencer. There are even some advanced tips and tricks for those with a previous background in the arts.

Here's What I'll Cover In This Book

– Introduction: covering how to approach your practice, who was Fiore dei Liberi, and what his manuscript contains.

– Tools of the Trade: everything you need to know about equipment: training weapons and protective equipment.

– General Principles: describing the fundamental principles behind all martial arts techniques.

– Footwork: how to stand, step, and turn, according to Fiore’s teachings.

– One Strike, One Defence: one basic attack, and one basic defence.

– More Strikes, More Defences: as you learn more attacks, you also learn how to defend against them.

– Counter Remedies and their Counters: how to get around your partner’s defences, and what to do if your partner manages to get around your defence.

– Binds, Malice and Deceit: how to manipulate the blade relationship to take advantage of the situation, and how to fake out your partner.

– Preparing for Freeplay: taking your technical knowledge and training to be able to really apply it.
– Freeplay: how to set up safe sparring sessions.
– Bonus: We also add how to warm up safely, and a glossary of Italian terms.

For Just $7 You Will Have Access To All Of The Information You Need to Succeed With The Longsword

In this book there is a lifetime of knowledge laid out for you in a clear and straightforward manner that will help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

I have created this book to follow a clear progression through the material so you are constantly learning and progressing from the simplest actions to the most complex.

Through every flip of a page, you are progressing towards becoming a more advanced fencer and getting closer to becoming the fencer you have always strived to become.

What Other Have to Say...


Guy Windsor is not just one of the finest HEMA instructors publishing today, in my opinion he's one of the best martial arts teachers full stop. There's everything you need here to train yourself and a friend in the basics of medieval European swordsmanship. Guy takes an exceptionally thorough approach with guidance on proper training equipment, an explanation of the biomechanics involved in the art of the sword, before moving on to footwork, fundamental blows and some of the most lucid instruction in Fiore's system you're ever likely to find. The book wraps up with material on freeplay, the organisation of Fiore's system for use with medieval memory methods, and an overview of warmups, mobility and stretching for classes. – B. W. Ford


The book is written in an extremely logical and clear order. I don't in fact think I have ever seen a martial arts manual that would be as easy to follow. It gives you one piece at a time to chew and practice and does not try to explain everything at once. What's even better, it puts you in contact with the original source from the very beginning. – Jaakko Tahkokallio


I found it particularly useful as an instructor, especially since Guy's spent years refining both his interpretations of the sources and his teaching method. There's a lot to learn about how to teach, how to structure a curriculum, and how to get students ready for freeplay, all cunningly disguised as straightforward, easily read and understood instructions. – Roland Cooper


This book (and Guy's other books) really provides an accessible gateway to the Italian system of combat arts. Not only is it a great book for people new to the art, but also for experienced swordsmen. As someone who has taught Eastern martial for many years and currently teaches longsword and rapier, I still find new perspectives from which to consider the art of the sword, new drills, and new ways to teach. – James Wran


This book by Armizare instructor and writer Guy Windsor is a fantastic book for those new to the art or a seasoned veteran. It is laid out very well and is clear and concise. I run an Italian swordfighting club and use parts of this book in my own classes. Guy's way of laying out the fundamentals and techniques of the plays of Fiore dei Liberi are easily understood and can easily be performed via partner drills. Buy this book and others by Guy. You will not be disappointed. – Tracy Mellow

With This eBook, You'll Get:

Straightforward and authentic instruction from an acknowledged expert

A wide range of techniques, from basic to advanced.

A clear progression through the material, from the simplest actions to the more complex.

Safety guidelines to prevent injury.

But that’s not all…

Purchase Your Copy Today And Get These FREE Bonuses!

BONUS #1: Knee Maintenance Course

Health first, always. Good training is good for you, and for most students that starts with taking care of their legs. There’s a saying in sports “you’re only as good as your knees”. Whatever condition your knees are in now, this course will help you get them in better shape, and keep them that way for as long as possible.

BONUS #2: Medieval Longsword Beginner's Course

This class is an introduction to Fiore dei Liberi’s Art of Arms, and is a very gentle beginner’s class. You will require only a safe place to practice, and a sword simulator (a 120cm stick will do just fine).

BONUS #3: Access To The Swordschool Discord Group

Join the Swordschool Discord group and join a helpful and supportive community of swordsmanship enthusiasts.

It’s a great place to meet new people, get help and advice and learn directly from me and some of my top students.

BONUS #4: $100 Off Coupon Fundamentals: Footwork course

If this Longsword footwork class sparks an interest in footwork training, you’ll love the Fundamentals: Footwork course.

BONUS #5: Longsword Mechanics eBook

This 100+ page eBook goes into depth and detail regarding Fiore’s Longsword footwork, guards, and strikes. It includes images, transcription and translation of the original text, as well as links to video clips of all the actions. 

If not now, then when? You’ve made it this far so I know you’re interested in learning the longsword. I’m not sure how long I’ll be offering this book at this price with all of the special bonuses, so do get your copy today.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee All of this for just a one-time payment of $7 and, if you're unhappy I'll send you a stress-free refund.

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Meditation for Martial Artists Course (Originally $129) - $47
Meditation is a crucially important practice for martial artists. It enables you to gain control over your state of mind, your level of arousal, and above all teaches you to be able to direct your attention. This course will teach you four different types of meditation so you can discover what works best for you.

If you're like me and just skip to the bottom of these pages, then here's what you're getting:

You will instantly receive your eBook copy of my bestselling book The Medieval Longsword which contains everything you need to know to become a competent fencer

BONUS Knee Maintenance course so you can recover properly after your training and minimalize the risk of injury

BONUS Medieval Longsword Beginner's Course that will walk you through the basics of Fiore's longsword

BONUS Access to the Swordschool discord group so you can surround yourself with people trying to achieve the same goals that you are

All of this for just a one-time payment of $7 and, if it's not for you I'll send you a stress-free refund.